Top 10 Sellers Of 2017

  • Top 10 Sellers Of 2017
  • We have done a 2017 round up of our best selling products of the year. For us you can very easily tell what the biggest trends of 2017 were for us. Question is whether these will continue into next year or whether something else will take the top spot.

    1. Satin Sash Rose Gold
    2. Linen Sash Natural
    3. Linen Sash Blush Pink
    4. Spandex Chair Covers in White, Grade A, B + Premium
    5. Organza Sash Blush Pink
    6. Hessian Sash
    7. Chiffon Vertical Drops White
    8. Spandex Seat Pad Covers Ivory
    9. Lace Sash Ivory
    10. Taffeta Sash Champagne


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