Pantone 2017 Spring Colour Trends

  • Pantone 2017 Spring Colour Trends

    Pantone 2017 Spring Colour Trends


    Pantone have released their Colour Report 2017 Edition which features some beautiful shades that will be popular throughout the season. Pantone describe these colours as “reminiscent of the hues of nature, evoking a spectrum of emotion and feeling”. These shades take us from neutral earthy shades to the boldest and brightest.


    Check out the Top 10 by Pantone matched to our popular Taffeta Sashes


    1)    Niagara – Comparable to our Blue, Niagara is a classic denim Blue

    2)    Primerose Yellow – A bright sunny shade, matching out Canary Yellow

    3)    Lapis Blue – A strong bold blue similar to our Royal Blue

    4)    Flame – Just like our Red/Gold, Flame is a fiery Red based Orange

    5)    Island Paradise – Our Ice Blue is a refreshing cool Blue/Green just like Island Paradise.

    6)    Pale Dogwood – A subtle Pink, cult classic shade for every season just like Blush Pink

    7)    Greenery – A tangy reinvigorating Green complimentary to our Sage

    8)    Pink Yarrow – Our Raspberry is an attention gaining Pink just like Pink Yarrow.

    9)    Kale – Our Hunter/Garnet is alike to this foliage based deep Green.


    10) Hazelnut – A key neutral transitional earthy Mink is a perfect match to our Wheat


    If you like keeping up with trends and colours that will be popular this coming spring. Then the above list gives you an insight into the up and coming trends.



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