Lycra Cocktail Table Covers - Size B - Black

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Product: Lycra Cocktail Table Covers - Size B - Black

Lycra Cocktail Table Covers
These table covers are made for tabletops with 60cm diameter.
If you're looking for a slick and easy way to give your event an edge, these lyrcra cocktail table covers are ideal. Fitting easily, they create a curved silhouette that fits in with any elegant event. Instead of unsightly table legs, using these table covers gives a smooth finish, and provides a stunning visual effect. In a choice of either black or white, these neutral colours and textures can be matched with your ideal decoration, and you won't have to worry about the colour scheme! Whether you want to mix it up and have a smattering of black and white tables at your event or perhaps a more consistent finish, the option is there. These covers come in 2 sizes, to ensure the best fit for your furniture.
76cm x 106cm: £15.99 - Size A
60cm x 105cm: £14.99 - Size B
Colours Black
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