About Chair Cover Depot

We are a professional chair cover and events decor sales company based in London. We are able to offer you the very best in chair cover decor and events accessories for all weddings and events, as we believe that venue styling makes the biggest difference to your occasions.

We have been in business since 2008 and have our own manufacturing plants in the Far East and India. Our products are made with quality fabrics and uniquely designed and custom fit to work perfectly on your chairs and tables. We are always updating out stock based on the newest trends to help ensure that our clients events follow the current season trends. Some of our products are also for hire, which is perfect for those of you having one off events. These are all things that we pride ourselves and our company on. 

Our mission as company is to help in creating beautiful memories for our clients. We are dedicated to giving you excellent quality accessories, covers, sashes, runners, table linen and assisting in custom built products to fit out clients needs. 


“creating beautiful memories for our customers.”

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