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16th May 2012

Table Skirting to Woo Your Guests

When it comes to formal events, such as wedding parties, engagement dinners, or anniversary celebrations, there are usually guests of honour. Whether those guests are the hosts or people the party is being thrown for, you want to highlight the table that these important guests are sitting at. There are various ways to do this when throwing a party for important people.

Flawless finishes and fluid textures have always added that extra bit of personality and significance to an event. Finishing your tables with skirting will convey a very seamless and flawless feel to your event, comforting your guests and at the same time playing its part as signifying a guest of honour.  

When it comes to the head tables at your event, you want them to be perfect. Not only will your guests of honour be ecstatic, your other guests they will spend most of their time admiring the elegant and sophisticated table skirting addition to decor.

No small deed goes unnoticed, and therefore, you need to remember that the details are what count. If you add skirting to a table, you are adding that extra bit of character that your guests will appreciate.

When choosing a specific skirt for your table, you need to take into account your overall decor. At times, you don’t want to overdo the decor, and look as if you’re trying too hard. You want your decor to look as if it belongs where it is. Most of the time, table skirting is left for the head table or for the catering table. This allows for a balance in the decor, and does not seem like you are over decorating. The elegance in table skirting lies in the less is more theory.

The different types of table skirting available at Chair Cover Depot are not only necessary, but are beautifully finished pieces.

Although most people think of table skirting for a formal event, it can be used for a more informal event, especially at particular tables.

For a wedding reception, you’ll definitely want your head table to have table skirting. The table skirting available from Chair Cover Depot is both White Satin Table Skirting and Black Satin Table Skirting. Depending on your theme, you can choose which colour best fits your colour scheme. However, the shiny finish and elegant flow of this table skirt will make any table stand out. The pleated table skirt gives your decor a particular fluidity which adds a very regal yet comfortable feel for your guests.

Another very necessary addition is that the skirting available at Chair Cover Depot comes with Velcro attachments so that taking the skirting off and putting it on is very easy.

So if you decide to go with the table skirting, think of adding this elegant pleated fabric to the head table and all the catering tables so that there is a nice cohesion amongst the hall. Your guests will appreciate the effort and will remember such a unique and beautiful addition.