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The affair with vintage isn't over

In the past few years the vintage trend has really come into its own. From pop-up vintage stores, the resurgence of vintage tea-rooms and Kate Middleton's iconic wedding dress, the trend is firmly entrenched in the cultural psyche, with no signs of fraying like a well-worn vintage hem just yet. It's easy to see why it's in, with the delicate shades, ornate patterns and subtly elegant hints of glamour. The style brings with it a timeless glamour, which makes it perfect theme for weddings. Though going with a more specific and restrictive theme (and for this, you only need to watch a few episodes of Don't Tell the Bride) can yield many laughs when looking back at wedding albums in years to come, with vintage you're guaranteed to be the picture of beauty and elegance in every frame.

Styling your wedding according to a vintage theme isn't very difficult. For those of you who have yet to be introduced to it, it's simple enough to pick up the basic feel of it. Of course, there is vast scope for modification in order to give it more of a personalised touch, but there are some aspects that are obviously necessary. In terms of colours, think neutral and pastel shades. Cream, ivory, peach and dusky pink are all good examples of ideal vintage hues. In terms of patterns, they can veer from the very simplistic to the ornate, but floral or intricate is usually a good way to go. These give your day a feeling of romance, femininity and beauty, factors important on your big day, especially the romance! As for fabrics, satin, silk and lace are perfect to accentuate the vintage vibe. They also match well with the colour choices and styles. Combined, these patterns, colours and fabrics embody the vintage theme and are the way to give your wedding that vintage feel.

Finding a vintage wedding dress is easy; it's deciding on the decoration of your room to get it matching your vision of a vintage wedding that is the hard part. Why? Because we've got so much to choose from that adds a chic touch to your table, your chairs and your room that picking your favourite items can be difficult! There are a gorgeous range of chair covers such as the High Gloss Satin Chair Wrap chair that is well-suited to the theme. The damask chair covers are also an excellent choice and easily accessorised. Lace sashes are a good choice to continue the vintage effect, and these can be accentuated by brooches - the pearl vintage buckle brooch being one stunning example. Our variety of crystal strands are available to add elegance to the event, and complement the vintage style. Or for something a bit different, but in the same trend, our feathers are kitsch and befitting of the theme. These are just some examples of ways to bedazzle and beguile your guests with a classic style, and enhance the charm of the bride and the groom. To put it simply - if you want to capture the romance and decorate your day with it - vintage is the way to go.