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Complete the look with an Organza Sash available in every colour imaginable.

Buy Organza Sashes 30cm x 250cm
Organza Sashes 30cm x 250cm
Available in 58 colours:

£1.09 each
Buy Organza Sashes 18cm x 275cm
Organza Sashes 18cm x 275cm
Available in 79 colours:

£0.89 each
Buy Flock Polka Dot Organza Sashes
Flock Polka Dot Organza Sashes
Available in 14 colours:

£0.99 each
Buy Flock Organza Sashes
Flock Organza Sashes
Available in 7 colours:

£1.09 each
Buy Vintage Floral Organza Sashes
Vintage Floral Organza Sashes
Floral Vintage Sashes
£1.29 each
Buy Leopard Print Organza Sashes
Leopard Print Organza Sashes
Leopard Print Organza Sashes 08
£1.09 each

More information about our Organza Sashes:
Organza is a luxuriously diaphanous fabric made of rayon, nylon or silk. Its plain weave and crisp finish makes it the most appropriate material to be used for evening dresses, decorative trimmings etc. We offer a wide range of accessories made of this extravagant material. Sashes, Tiebacks and Runners are some of the accessories we provide. We also tend to made-to-order requirements and comply with different needs.

An Organza Sash is a long band made of organza across the back of the chair, tied in a neat bow behind the back. This is usually placed on the Chair Cover and to have an Organza Sash of a tint of the same colour or a colour that complements that of the Chair Cover can lend the table quite an elaborate finish.

We have plenty of Organza Sash shades for you to choose from. And if you have a unique colour that you want us to match. We will do our best to match it and give you the outcome you dreamed of.

We always have enough stock of all materials to facilitate a next day delivery so that we are in line with last minute requirements too!

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